All Roads Lead to the Duomo.

In Florence, all roads will eventually get you to the Duomo. The Duomo is (in case you didn’t know) the 4th largest church in the world and at the heart of the city. It’s huge and painted white, green and pink with red roof tiles. You can see it from everywhere.

We’ve been working really hard on our designs for our weaving. This step involves coloring in squares on a huge pice of graph paper. We’re all seeing little colored squares every time we close our eyes.

So this is our weekend off! Well, we have next weekend off too, but we’re all going to Venice (I know, it’s rough…) So this is my chance to do sightseeing in Florence. Earlier today I climbed to the top of the Duomo! The view was spectacular and there’s a refreshing breeze at  the top after the 463 steps. I just finished seeing Michealangelo’s ‘David’ at the Academi and I’m not sure what’s next. Most of the day I’ve been sightseeing with Joelynn and Joan (2 of my classmates). I would have liked to wander around by myself, but it just turned out this way.

I’m really glad it’s not really muggy anymore. The weather has been hot in the sun, cool in the shade here. It’s even been decently cool at night!

Tomorrow is the Uffizi (museum) and a picnic on a hillside with a great view to watch the sunset. I think it’ll be great!

Maybe sometime next week I’ll be able to upload some more pictures.

Ciao for now!


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