Hello all!

I am at our hostel in Venice! We left early this morning and arrived somewhere around noon. We checked in, dropped off our stuff and took off for lunch. We walked most of the way across the city on the way to lunch and saw many a wonderfull, beautiful thing! There really is no other place like Venice. Sometimes you go to an old city that has a pedestrian-only center, but an entire city without cars (especially scooters)… it’s great!

We didn’t do any proper sightseeing (we didn’t go inside any churches etc), but I got a great overview of the city. Barbara and I also took a boat along the Grand Canal and it was lovely. It was late afternoon and the sun was getting ready to start setting and there was awesome lighting and a gentle breeze…

I’m not planning on going out much again tonight, even though it’s only about 7:30. I was out late last night with some of the girls in Florence, and I need more sleep! But tomorrow Barbara and I (maybe some of the others too) are going to the Opera! It’s not one I’ve seen before, but I’m sure many of you would know it (if I could remember the name…)

I’ll probably be able to post again tomorrow. We have free internet access here at the hostel, we just have to share it. (Though it’s really old and slow… might not be worth it!)



  1. Ah, Venice! *swoon* One day I’ll return and I’ll avail myself of the services provided by this website: So HOT!!!


  2. There’s a couple more pictures posted. Gotta run, ciao!

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