When in Rome…

Eat gelato! (Was anyone surprised?…)

I’m here in Rome with Jude and we’re having a marvelous time! We’ve seen the Pantheon (by accident) and a few other monuments that are almost as impressive. We just stopped at the internet cafe to let everyone know we’re here live and well, and now we’re off to find more historical thingies. 😀




  1. I’m glad you made it to Rome…. but all roads lead there eventually, right? 😉

    I wonder how anyone can accidentally ‘bump into’ the Pantheon (http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Pantheon.html) but I’d like to hear the story!

    Safe Travels!


  2. Ooh, Roman Holiday – I love that movie!

  3. You sent me a naughty postcard! I am Shocked! SHOCKED! I just don’t know what to think… I just can’t find an appropriate response- everything I come up with is entirely inappropriate.
    I won’t even make a saucy comment about Jude. No no, I shall refrain.

    I want some Gelato!

  4. Hmmm… those silly Bunniez are everywhere – even in Roman postcards!


    I want some Gelato too!

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