Where the air is clear and the people are warm.

This place is the most comfortable place away from home I’ve ever been. We’re in Vernazza, a tiny little town in the Cinque Terre. We got here yesterday afternoon and it was raining (kind of a lot). I’m not entirely sure the rain didn’t just improve the atmosphere though. It was quite refreshing! And everyone just kept meandering around town. Everyone here is so relaxed, and the locals seem really friendly. I think maybe it’s because they get a different kind of tourist here. Cinque Terre has become pretty well known in travel circles, but not everyone wants to come here. It’s small and simple. There aren’t museums, basilicas or castles. Just natural beauty.

Most of the tourists are here for the hiking, actually. There are well maintained hiking paths between all of the five cities and each hike is a different level of difficulty. Jude and I hiked from here (Vernazza) to Corniglia, which is the most difficult of the five. We didn’t really seek that out, but it turned out to be totally worth it! The view is absolutely spectacular!

This town actually has an internet spot (not a “cafe”), and it seems to have high speed access. I’m having my pictures burned onto a CD because I’ve filled up the memory card.

I’m a bit tired, both from the hike today and from this cold I think I got from Jude (jerk!) It’s not a really bad cold, but it’s sticking around longer than I’d like.

We’re staying in a bare-bones room, but it has a shower and bathroom, and a view of the seaside piazza. We can stick our heads out the window, look right, and see the little harbor, and beyond, the ocean splashing against the rocks where the hills suddenly drop into the ocean.

It’s such a lovely place. Everyone go to Cinque Terre!



  1. Is everyone on scooters going “Ciao.”?

    -= Chris

  2. What hotel are you at? I’ve got a couple friends going to Cinque Terre tomorrow, so perhaps y’all could say hi.

    -= Chris

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