Boy am I NOT a lobster right now!…

So we’re in Avignon now, as the title suggests. We saw the Pope’s Palace and the Avignon Bridge today. The palace is huge and very medieval-y. We did the audio guide tour and it was very educational! We were also amused by the stories it told about the bridge (which would not be very funny in the retelling, but we had a good giggle!)

Tomorrow I think we’re going to day-trip to Arles, which is pretty neat I hear.

I think I’ll finally be able to type on these French keyboards by the time I get back to Oregon.

I’m sure nobody believes this, but I’ve actually been keeping up with email and most people’s blogs. I’m having a great time here, but I miss you all too!

(I like getting comments and emails, *hint hint hint*) 😀



  1. I so would have emailed you by now but my new job is work for some smegheaded cryptofascists who don’t let me use the internets!!! But I’m counting down days (and it’s so not because I have to give the car back on Monday…). 😉

    I hope you guys are having a super-wonderful time and I can’t wait to hear stories!!!


    p.s. Hey, Jude! *teehee* It just never gets old…

  2. Well i’m glade you can type now!! But then you have to come back to the silly life in Oregon and the US key boards. Maybe you might not see this but tomarrow we should meet up for lunch. 🙂

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