I Got a Ukulele!

Yes, it’s true. Today I bought a ukulele.

While I was in europe, I woke up one day and thought to myself “wouldn’t it be fun to learn to play the ukulele?” (Have you stopped laughing yet?)

So I kept thinking about it, and bothering Jude about it, and the idea just seemed better and better! I want to learn something new, something easy (relatively), and without much pressure or very high standards.

So today I called around town and discovered something quite unexpected: ukulele’s are making a huge comeback! They had tons of “Uke’s” at the stores I called. There are many groups for Uke players, even just in the Eugene/Springfield area. I had no idea!

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I thought I was being so original and quirky. Who randomly decides to play the ukulele? Everyone, apparently.

In the end, I am the proud owner (yes, I am proud of it) of my very own Soprano Uke (bet you didn’t know they came in other sizes?). I’ve got a cute little ukulele chord book, and an adorable little Uke gigbag. The whole thing is so peachy, I’m giddy!

I’ve got a few songs I’ve already picked out to learn, and I’m very excited about it!



  1. Might interest you to know that the current Baron Three Mountains (he’s stepping down at Yule) plays the ukulele… in court. Of course, he’s Roman and does a great many odd things…

  2. Whoa. Would it freak you out if I told you that I once (briefly) considered playing the ukulele? I was going to be the next vaudeville star. But then I decided a career in music was not for me. Also it was no longer 1922. But I still think it would be a really cool random thing to know. Let us know how it goes! Fascinating..

  3. You should give a listen to this interview that was on NPR yesterday morning:

    This guy plays the Ukulele like a fiend. He’s got a new CD out, too.

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