So Much to do!

Wow! I came back from europe and just jumped right back into the whirlwind!

I’m only taking 3 classes, but each of them for 5 credits instead of 4. I’m also trying to think of something for my last credit (I need 16 to graduate), that I’ll be doing in independant study. I got some ideas from Barbara, but I haven’t quite got it nailed down yet.

I stopped by the public library on the way home last night and found some cool books on tapestry and macreme. The macreme is mostly just for fun, but I am going to use the techniques for my first assignment in Advanced Fibers. I also found the giant book-o-tapestries that my teacher (Shelly) had, and expected I wouldn’t be able to find. So, ha! It’s a really good book! (The actual title is “Great Tapestries”) Lots of big pretty pictures.

I got all these books for my extra tapestry research that I decided to do for the 5th credit in tapestry class. I’m focusing on 14th century tapestries. If anyone knows any good books or websites I should check out… 😉

I’m also helping out with the archery club again. I am no longer “Coordinator/Captain”. Now I am just “Co-coordinator/Coach”. Yesterday we got some samples of that plasticky fabric that carseats were made of (before they went cloth) and took it over to the Bowrack and shot at it. We found that if we doubled the fabric, the arrows wouldn’t go all the way through. We also got a tip from the guys at the store that Warehauser gives away this special felt when they’re done with it (in HUGE quantities, if we want), and they were pretty certain that it would stop arrows.

I’ve also been practicing my Ukulele! I carry it around with me everywhere I go. It’s just so much fun to pull out at random moments and see people’s reactions. But last night Mom brought home some violin music from the Community Orchestra to try and tempt me to join. I don’t know… Ukulele and Violin – both in the same head at the same time?! No one can live at that speed!

This Saturday Kelly and I are driving up to an event to attend Lainie on the day of her vigil. Neither of us could afford (money or time) to go for the whole weekend, so we’re really happy that it’s close enough that we can daytrip. They don’t know this yet, but I might bring one of my fleeces and see if I can’t get Kelly (at least) to help me tease the wool by hand. 😀

My, this has been a long rant!

I hope I figure out what to do for my textile printing assignment, as well as my independant study credit. Wish me luck!


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  1. Well, I am quite a tease. (teehee)


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