Oh my giddy aunt.

This will be the fastest Crazy Term EVER! I’m teasing and carding wool, creating tapestries, dying silk, making garments, doing research and writing a senior thesis! Oh, and I’m still active with this whole archery club thing. I’m only the coach, though, and I’m getting better at letting Tyson do everything.

I received my first textile-related injuries for the term today. I blame Miriam. I was doing just fine until she showed up, and then I kept scratching myself on the carding machine. Although, I did technically stab myself on the Teasing machine (“Picker”?) before Miriam got there. Still, I’m sure it was her fault. Besides, I can blame her for anything I like ‘cuz she’s never online anymore. (Mock mock mock!)

The other day Kelly brought over a delicious chocolate cheesecake. Mom and I are still eating our way through it. You just have to keep trudging on… 😉

Speaking of trudging, I came across this very cool website during my research yesterday. It’s Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” available in a couple formats. You can read it side-by-side with a modern translation, and you can also read it with the middle English words hyperlinked to a glossary at the bottom of the screen (so no clicking back and forth between windows, even!) Clever, no? Check it out!



  1. “Speaking of trudging…” Best. Segue. Ever.


  2. I’m surpized with with cheesecake around you could get and “trudging” done.

  3. … Speaking of Chaucer, have you seen this?:

    Geoffery Chaucer Hath a Blog!

    Is vaiiirrrry funny!

    And funny thing, I found a bit of rosemary stuck under one of my toes the other day. Hmm…

  4. What giddy aunt are you referring to?

    -= Chris

  5. Did you know Tamara Pierce has a blog?

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