I’m sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for my plane to get here. It’s currently delayed 2 hours and 10 minutes. They say it’s on it’s way, though, so it shouldn’t be any later. Also, I should still make my connection in Philadelphia. If everything else goes according to plan, I should arrive in Portland at 11:30 (I think). I really hope I get home on time tonight. It’s already going to be late before I get home, and I’m giving a presentation to the Eugene Weaver’s Guild in the morning.

I’m in Pittsburgh, by the way, for my friend Moira’s wedding. The wedding was actually in Salem, Ohio, but there’s no airport there because it’s a very small town. Kelly was here for the wedding as well, though she is continuing on to the east coast from here, and her flight leaves early tomorrow morning. Moira is a friend of ours that we met during our stay in Prague. She was an exchange student at the same school as Kelly. Our 4th member of our little Prague Girls group, Michelle, also made it out to the wedding. She drove all the way down from Milwaukee. Except for the woman from Costa Rica, Kelly and I had traveled the furthest for the wedding. This was nice because they were all so impressed we came all that way that they invited us to the rehearsal dinner, even though we weren’t in the wedding party. It was very tasty (and free!)

The wedding was beautiful! They used fall colors as the theme, and everything was handmade by either Moira or her mother-in-law (except the cake and stuff like that). Gorgeous decorations and dresses!!


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