Tapestry – Done!

Ugh. I’ve been in the studio every day for as long as I can remember…

But I’ve finally finished my stupid tapestry! And in a couple hours, I’m off to lovely Yachatts with Dad, Estelle and Rachelle. I would really like to just kick back all weekend, but I think I’ll have to bring a stack of books with me. I haven’t been able to work on my research in weeks ‘cuz of this dumb tapestry project! >_<



  1. Hooray for finished tapestries! Now you can be a scottish laird, and I can be Mickey Mouse. Whatcha!

    Hope that you are doing good,


  2. We need a picture up here of the finished tapestry!

    -= Chris

  3. Chris and I have freaky telepathy going on. I came here to demand pictures of teh stupid tapestry.

  4. I’ll post a picture when I get it finished up all pretty… or sometime later… 😉

  5. Jacques never · · Reply

    Kimi, I thought you knew this by now, but my voicemail tells me differently, so here goes: “Drink till Jacques is sexy” is a fair bit more drunktitude than any liver should have to endure.

  6. Yeah. You need to be at Tokyo Delves for that sort of drunk.

  7. So yeah. No more washing vodka down with tequila. Also no more drinking to the point where 1. it seems like a good idea to call matt rodger multiple times and/or2. jacques gets sexy. I told you all why I hate tequila….

  8. I have a theory.Would you like to hear it? (that’s a phrase I learned in art school). It’s not the drinking that makes Jacques sexy. He’s much better-looking upside down. Most things are, really (also something I learned in art school). So all you have to do is drink enough that you think it’s a good idea to stand on your head. Try it next time. And don’t call Matt Rodger. Text message him instead. Because unless he sprang for a text plan, it will cost him a dime for every message you send..
    I for one love Tequila.

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