Bells are Ringing

Mom and I have decided to host a Christmas dinner party here at our house, and you’re all invited!

Mom’s going to cook a turkey and all the stuff she normally makes for Thanksgiving dinner. I am taking creative control of our dessert*. We would like to have this little shindig on the day when the most people can come, so, when is that? Please respond in the comments below.

*You won’t want to miss the desserts. Some of you may recollect the Lord of the Rings White Chocolate Fudge Figurines that the O’Briens made for our LOTR marathon a few years back. Mom and I decided to “take it up a notch (BAM!)” this year. We have officially challanged the O’Briens to a LOTR themed dessert competition. The rules: it must be edible and LOTR themed. Mom and I have decided to re-create a particular scene from the Two Towers utilizing gingerbread, Jell-o, and possibly fondant, seeing as we have the homecourt advantage and don’t have to drive it across town.

We would like to open this challange to everyone else as well! Big, small, completely unrecognizeable – all Tolkein desserts are welcome!

So please respond in the comments so we can try to pin down a date.



  1. Oh, it is on now!!!

    Team O’Brien *will* be retaining our standing LOTR-shaped Christmas Treat Championship, and our entry will be coming from Return of the King. +1 Epic!!! How’dya like them apples!?

    Also, after the 16th would be super, since that ‘s when the third member of Team O’Brien returns from her East Coast edumacatin’…

    -Kelly “Orc Glazer” O’Brien

  2. I concurr- After the 16th. Actually after the 19th or 20th is more best for me- I have to be moved out of my Seattle apartment by the 23rd if that sheds any light on my situation. There may be frantic calls for truckage in my future..

  3. Everyone check out my totally awesome online portfolio!

    Elizabeth Dress front
  4. Silly east coast educated folks. Boo!

    Annie- just to remind you that the 22nd is Bera & Alail’s wedding. She says you’re getting an invite. And Expect James to get in touch about scheduling stuff. There’s foo going on on that end.

    Much beadwork is happening and I’m nearly blind, but it is looking good. I am really liking the peridots in particular. Kimi, when you’re up for Yule, bring a camera!

  5. Megs and I are planning on driving in to town late on the 23rd and will remain in Eugene through the 25th. We then plan to drive up to Portland for a few days, then back to Eugene for another night or two before driving back down to L.A. on the 30th. Whew!

    -= Chris

  6. Corset! And Buttons!! So pretty!
    I’m shocked that your cotehadie is green..

  7. Nice work, Kimi! I’ll have to share the pics with Wanda- that corset in particular. Very, very nice!

  8. Oh dear God, why am I not going to be in Eugene for this ?!?!?!???!
    I just read the entry to a Canadian and Australian audience in my hostel. Am actually in tears from laughing so hard. The internationals think you all are weird.

  9. HAHAhahahaha!!
    We’ll be missing you while gnawing on Orcs. Glad to be part of your own international source of absurdity! 🙂

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