Where’s my Bus??

I just discovered that the only bus that comes anywhere near my house doesn’t come out here anymore. See, I had to take Stitch in to the car shop on Hwy 99 today. My big plan was to take the bus home and back later to pick him up. I got on the bus and everything was fine until the bus took a left on Terry (that’s like halfway home). This was not really a big deal, I got off at Avalon and walked the rest of the way home (about 25 min). I need my walkies anyway. But then I got online to check when the bus came to take me back only to find out that the bus I used to take to school doesn’t come out this far anymore. Also, the bus I rode earlier today doesn’t go back down Hwy 99 on it’s return route. If I want to take a bus back to the shop I have to walk to WinCo and catch the bus there!

In other news, I applied for a costume shop job down in LA. I just heard back from them last night and I didn’t get the job, but they said very nice things about my work and encouraged me to keep their contact info. I’m OK with this. It means I don’t have to scrap all my plans that I had finally made.

So, yeah, I’m moving to SoCal. There, I’ve said it, it’s actually going to happen (rawr!) I’m going to take Matthew back to school in the begining of January and fly back to Eugene on the 6th for my Lisio show (Mon. Jan 8th – be there!), and then back down to Long Beach on the 9th. The weekend after that I’m going to a really cool SCA event (Winter Weekend), which is a bunch of people hanging out in a warm cozy lodge in the mountains. Fun! After that I’ll be desperately looking for work, etc.

But before all that it’s Christmas and Lord of the Rings desserts!


One comment

  1. Stupid bus. I feel your pain, man. Took me 45 minutes to get home from Northgate Mall yesterday. That’s like, two point five miles north. I don’t got time for that. Booo!

    Hooray for Christmas!

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