Winter Camping

I am still here, still looking for work, and thinking about looking for a place to live. I haven’t got anything from the temp agencies yet, and I keep applying for costume/wardrobe stuff with no results yet. I’m going to apply with a temp agency in Long Beach on Monday if I don’t get a call for work.

Last weekend I was up in the mountains at an SCA event called Winter Weekend. It’s a really neat laid-back event where you hang around the hearth, work on your own craft projects and eat. I got to learn another form of weaving – Fingerloop Weaving. And I learned it from an honest-to-God rocket scientist! 🙂 She (the former Baroness of Lyondemere) was really cool and we had a great time!

I think I might not go to Estrella War this year after all, (and I’m going to call you soon Miriam, honest!). Some folks here are also planning a tiny alternate event for our barony for the people not going, though it’s only going to be a one-night-mundane-campout among friends thing. It would also be in Malibu which is an easy drive away, (as opposed to the 10-hour drive each way to sleep in the dessert in February!) I also really don’t have the money for Estrella. Maybe next year I’ll get to try out my rug…



  1. So is finger-loop braiding not rocket science? Poor lady probably hears such jokes all the time..
    Well, you are less lame than Kelly, I offficially declare. Thoonk!

  2. You won’t miss Estrella- it can be really hot in the day, and friggin’ bite-yer-ass cold at night. The dust gets into everything, including the gaps between your teeth, and if you pick up the ‘desert fever’,you’ll be sick for weeks. And really all there is to do is fight or shop. Save yer pennies and go to Pennsic!

  3. And oh- fingerloop braiding is keen- I watched a friend of mine do it the other day. Need to get her to show me again!

  4. Hey Kim! I saw this online and thought of you. =)

  5. ARRRRRRRRRRH. It was time for a piratish comment. I didn’t really have anything to say. I think I just wanted to put up the sort of graffiti that says “I was here” or something. Ciao.

  6. I see your Wedding Thriller video and raise you an Indian Thriller video:

    -= Chris

  7. KIM! I have finally found your blog. You kept talking about a wordpress blog, but I never saw a link to it. Thanks, Chris. Anyway, just checkin’ up on ya, hope all is well. Sorry I missed you last month, just started school and it was all crazy-like. Yargh. Good luck with the job search!

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