Im in my sh00ze – Im hrtng my f33ts!

Well, it has been a month since my last post. My excuses are wearing thin…

I think everyone knows the biggest news in my life: I am employed (for now). I say “for now” because I only have work as long as they have projects for me to work on. I am stitching (and sometimes cutting) at Mia Gyzander Costumes in Culver City (Palms), and we are currently working on the Universal Studios Japan production of “Wicked”. The costumes are really neat and completely bizarre. They are apparently very similar to the Broadway costumes, only sometimes simplified a little.

Unfortunately, we’re almost done. As is, our last day of work is March 9th. But, as soon as they get more jobs coming in, we’ll be back to work. Hopefully this will happen soon!

Last Friday I was at Universal Studios Hollywood to be an extra in a commercial (for Universal Studios). It was fun and I got to go to the park for free. I shared many laughs with the other extras comparing acting strategies for standing in line.

And then afterwards I met up with Chris and Megan at a little shindig for the folks in his office. I totally had my first real networking experience – let’s hope it pans out!

Then Saturday I went to Disneyland with Chris and Megan and her mom and her two friends (and Cindy came too!) Two theme parks in two days after my first full week of work! Whew!

Then it was back to back-breaking cutting and stitching all day. We have sattelite radio, though, so it’s pretty bearable. The people there are pleasantly wierd, in an L.A. kind of way.

So my days off are Friday/Saturday (two days off together, wow!) Tomorrow I’ve got some shopping to do. Mainly I NEED to buy some new shoes. Dad got me some cool boots before I went camping in the snow, (and they’re quite stylish!), but I need some work shoes with more range of motion for my ankles so I can control the industrial sewing machines. Right now I’m wearing my thoroughly beaten work shoes from when I worked at Disneyland 2 years ago (and I wore them out that summer!) My poor feets!

Hah! Comment THAT!



  1. I need boots too, and more work shoes. And a coat with good pockets that is more appropriate for spring. But I am saving teh munnyez for apartment deposits…
    I sent out eight emails about rooms in the past 48 hours, and have received three answers, and one of those was a “sorry, already taken”. But I will triumph! The fools don’t even -Know- how good of a roomate I am!

  2. Kimi, take a look at They make a wide range of work shoes for all sorts of stuff. They probably have something that would work for you. Wanda has a couple of pairs and she really likes them. They also have a really good return policy, as she found out when a pair didn’t fit right. It’s worth a look at least.

    Annie, what kind of coat are you looking for?

    I have news of my own- I actually have a blog now! Woo-hoo! It is just silly newsy stuff for now, but it is actualy getting hits, which amazes me. Sooner or later I want to do dress diary type stuff on it, but that will require a camera, which I don’t have at the moment. Anyway, said blog is at: Come by and say hi!

  3. Argh! I wrote a whole big comment, and it disappeared! Bah, I say!

    Kimi, check out They have all sorts of shoes for working in- Wanda has several and likes them.

    Annie, what kind of coat are you looking for?

    And I finally have a blog! Really! It’s at: Not much for now, just chatter. Someday I want to do project diaries and such. Anyway, come on up and see me sometime!

    (…and now we see if this works…)

  4. This blog hates me.

  5. Wordpess didn’t want to post your comment until I moderated it. I think ‘cuz of all the links you had in your comments the filter thought it was spam.
    I found some good work shoes, though I have yet to wear them to work! 🙂 I didn’t get any sneakers though, so I’m gonna have to look like a dork at the gym tomorrow. (Yes, The Gym… more later!)

  6. Silly WordPress, thinking I’m Spam!

    When I was a little girl, I had a Betty Crocker Kids’ cookbook. It had a lot of weird recipes, and one of them that my mom let me make for dinner once in awhile was made of spam. You make slices about 1/2″ thick, but don’t cut all the way through at the bottom. Then into the slots you fit canned pineapple rings. I think you were supposed to put cloves in it somewhere too. Sounds gross, but it was actually kinda tasty.

    Another recipe that was really funny- I don’t know _how_ they got it past the editorial staff- was ‘Rocket Salad’. You took some cottage cheese and put it on a plate, then paid a pineapple ring over it. Then you stuck a half of a banana in the pineapple ring, pointing up. And put a maraschino cherry on the end. Several of my friends had the same cookbook when they were kids, and none of us could figure out at the time why the adults all laughed. Funny, My mom wouldn’t let me make it again…

  7. Well if you had a shoe collection that matched mine you wouldn’t have these problem of dieing shoes. Not that I don’t have dieing shoe just enough shoes to balance the pain of my feet be at peace. Well sorry can’t comment more because I’m writing in my Emperial Russia class. Hope to see more.

  8. Yahhhhhhhhhhhr. Here’s my website addy as requested:
    And the sock tutorial is addmittedly, it is for two circular needles, but if you look down at the heel flap section, that might help you out. Otherwise we’re just going to have to visit one another. Mwahahahaha.

  9. You know if you come down here, I’m not going to let you go back! >:D
    But, really, you won’t want to… I’ve got Stargate Atlantis DVDs!

  10. Atlantis!? Woot! You are pure evil.

  11. Mock mock! · · Reply

    Mock mock. Mockety mock mock, mock mock!

  12. And I *know* you have news to post, too!

    -= Chris

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