Now With Right Angles


I decided my website needed a change. What do you think? I’d rather it just had 3 columns, but it’s OK I guess. I can also change the image at the top (which I plan to do soon).


Yes, I know it’s been a while. Just so you know, I didn’t see your mocking until I had already decided to post! :p

The news is: I have a job (again). This time in a cube.

That’s right, I have my own cubicle, computer, ID badge – the works! (I definitely have mixed feelings about all this though…)
It’s a long term temp job with a company called Geneon. Geneon distributes and licenses anime and anime merchandise. I’m going to be working with Product Development, mostly paperwork and filing. Right now, though, I’m helping out with someone else’s project. I’m watching some anime (“Hellsing” OVA) in Final Cut Pro and taking screen shots for a book they’re making. It’s kinda cool! (And learning a bit of Final Cut Pro is definitely good!)

The people here are all really nice, and there is anime stuff all over the place. It’s really strange to be in an Office Space-esk Cubeland that’s tweaked with anime stuff! When people talk business, it’s anime. When I look through the products – it’s anime! How wierd is that?
Anyway, I’m at work now (hence the internet use), and I should probably get back to it.

Jya, matta!



  1. Can you IM at work like me?

    -= Chris

  2. I’m not sure, but I think not.

  3. Is the text on anyone else’s screen totally huge?

  4. Text not huge, but the four columns don’t fit my screen. I have to scroll back and forth. Not too bad though since the fourth column is just the calendar. The picture up top is pretty though.

    Wanda and I saw John Kerry here in Portland Monday night! Was very cool.

  5. I like the layout, and your job sounds awesome! Sugoi!

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