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Check out the new image at the top! It’s totally one of my “illeagal” factory pics. Cool, huh? What’s really cool is I found a wireless internet connection in my apartment tonight! I’ve been trying for a while, and at first I had to sit on the porch, but now I’m inside and it’s still working. Let’s see if this keeps up!

I’ve also put some of my factory pictures on my Flickr page. What’s really groovy is that the thumbnail on the Flickr link is the very same picture I edited for the header image. Photoshop is so much fun!


I felt like copying/mocking Chris’ “Epic” titles. πŸ™‚ Seriously though, it *is* a bit epic (for me)…

I’ve finally got my own apartment! It still feels a little wierd, but I’m really excited about it!! (2 exclamation points, even)

It’s a studio in Belmont Heights (that’s in Long Beach), not far from Uncle John’s house. I can’t believe how many qualities it has that I wanted: hardwood floors, lots of windows/light, upstairs, quiet, big bathtub, decent kitchen – and style! It’s a 1920’s building (that’s been fixed up nice) so there’s crown moulding (sp?), and since I’ve only got one neighbor, I’ve got windows on 3 sides! (I was so afraid that I’d end up in a boring box with no windows…) I’m also above garages, so I can stomp all I want, and it’s only 2-story, so nobody upstairs either! It also came with a stove/oven, fridge and 2 sinks in the kitchen (one is a utility sink). There’s also laundry on-site, but no pets. 😦

There’s only street parking, but so far I haven’t had any trouble. The neighborhood is also great! I’m literally 3 blocks from the ocean and 2 blocks from 2nd street (lots of neat shops and restaurants!) It’s also only 1.5 blocks to the grocery store, and a 10 minute drive to Trader Joe’s, a fresh fish market and a fresh produce market (as well as many other usefull stores). There’s really nice houses all around and lots of families. Oh, and St.Bartholomew’s catholic church, which is ADORABLE! Chris and Megan and I went there for Easter Vigil and I was really impressed. The church is smallish and feels very european (German?) and they did this latin chant/song by candle light – very cool!

Oh yeah, and we ran into Mike Post at church! He took us over to his place to see his new puppy, Gracie. She is SO cute!

So, yeah, my apartment rocks. πŸ˜€ I’ve even got some furniture in it already! Chris and Megan brought me Megan’s old futon (good timing that they just bought themselves a couch!), and Grandma & Grandpa B have loaned me a card table and a folding chair (so now I can sit down and eat!) Last night John brought over a cute little nightstand and TV (with HUGE rabbit-ears) so I can watch broadcast TV now even! And later this week I’m going to get some dining room chairs from Mike (I was going to get the table as well, but we think it may be too big).

I took a bunch of pictures and some video, but I can’t load it onto my laptop until I borrow a USB cable from Chris for my camera. I’ll try to do that soon!

Wow, I just typed away my lunch break!



  1. Kimi those photos are Awesome! Sometimes it’s good to be arty.
    I wish I had some furniture. I’ve been too busy working to go collect myself some though. Bah!
    The cats are fighting and I have to break it up again..

  2. It’s been a while since we talked, but it’s good to hear that you’re in an awesome apartment, all by yourself. Feels good, huh? Very groovy pics, too. Anyway, hope everything else is well.

  3. Heyyyy Morgan! Yeah, I think I owe you a phone call (from, like, 2 months ago!)
    As soon as I get more furniture, you should totally come visit!
    You should email me and tell me what you’ve been up to!

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