I Forgot to Give This Post a Title.

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th… and I don’t really care…

 I’m still working at Geneon (this is good, since they hired me to work until August!) I’m finally starting to feel like I know what’s going on here, what I’m supposed to do, and what my job is. I can’t really describe it quickly, so I won’t. I’ve had the chance to give a bit more art direction on the merchandise, which is pretty fun!

My new goal is to watch a bunch of the anime that we make product for. I don’t get to do this at work, but I get to borrow all these DVDs for free (they’re just all over the place here!) Last night I watched the first disk of Paradise Kiss and I liked it. After a little while I recognized the voice of Momiji Fujimiya from Blue Seed (about 2 of you out there will know or care about that…) The show is kinda artsy, but has a neat style and good music. The ending theme is by Franz Ferdenand, so Chris, you might wanna check this show out! I’ll lend it to you when I see you.

This weekend I’m cat-sitting for Patrick & Brenda (some friends from archery). They have an adorable hairless cat who is a bit high-maintenance. Not because he’s spoiled, but because of psychological and health issues. And, they totally gave me some gas money and a Pizza Hut gift card – w00t! So I’m going up there this evening to watch anime and pet the cat. Tomorrow I’m going to watch anime, go in the hot tub and pet the cat, but not neccessarily in that order. And I’ll probably feed him too. And do my laundry (which they also totally said I could do!)

They have internet there too, so I might be online a bit this weekend. Maybe I’ll post a picture of Stimpy (the kitty). He’s quite funny-looking (in a loveable way).



  1. Sounds good (the anime) but I can’t really recall Momijii’s voice in the Japanese. I just remember the English one being veryyyyyyy annoying. Gack.

  2. haha, I totally peer-pressured Mirmee into changing her website,, Mwahahaha!

  3. I’m glad my website is no longer trying to translate itself into Japanese. I wonder why it did that. Just ’cause I’m so cool, I guess. And I’d been thinking of changing my site anyways…

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