A Full Set of Knives, and No Food to Cook!

I can cook now! (Except I already ate all my food…)

This weekend I acquired many usefull things for my kitchen and bathroom, thanks to Dad and uncle John! I now have a microwave, toaster oven, rice cooker and a toilet seat that actually fits my toilet! I also now have most of John’s old pots & pans (he just upgraded). I also got a set of wireframe shelves to put this stuff on in the kitchen, (except the toilet seat – that’s on the toilet!)

In addition, I have measuring cups and spoons now, so look out world: Kimi’s gonna cook!

I must also give a shoutout to Unka Mikey for the table and chairs – they came in quite handy last week!

Last week was insane, and I mean that literally. I really must have lost it when I said I’d help with the sewing for the theater gig I’ve got. In addition to my 40 hours that I worked at Geneon, I also worked about 45~50 hours making costumes. I was totally freaking out Friday that I wasn’t going to get it all done, but then I talked to the Costume Designer, cut down on my distractions and really got down to business. I was on fire! So, I did end up sewing all day (like, 12 hours) on Saturday, but that was way better than I thought it was going to be Friday afternoon when I was freaking out!

But somehow I got all the sewing done AND got to see Dad (and John) this weekend. Yesterday Dad took me up to LA to drop off the costumes and pick up a few more to sew. Luckily, I’m only making a couple super-easy pairs of shorts and a Jester Hat, so I’m not worried.

OH! I almost forgot the knives! Of course, (as is tradition in this family), I have been sent out into the world with a nice set of kitchen knives. 😀 Thanks Dad!

Work continues to go well, though a little slow sometimes (which makes me a little uneasy…). Last Friday I TOTALLY got paid to watch anime (on a beautiful flatscreen with fantastic sound quality!) I was doing “quality control” of a DVD of a show called “Black Lagoon”. (Megan’s gonna kill me…) 😉



  1. Yumm, food. I’m hungry right now… I totally think one of my friend’s family’s trying to fatten me up, everytime I see her they ask me to eat. And today they stopped me on the street to take me to dinner with them. If I was in any danger of starving…

  2. ZOMG! I can see your blog! I’m so excited to have all the internets again! I’d totally forgotten how much I’d missed them!

    p.s. I’m in Japan, how weird is that? I feel like I’ve been here in a past life, you’ve told me so many stories, it’s entirely trippy to be here at last…

    Oh, and d00d the first thing I saw upon arrival was an ad for Wicked at Universal Studios Japan! Rock!!!

  3. So, isn’t my blog pretty now??

  4. It’s totally pretty! I love the layout – very neat and even and stuff! And of course your factory pic looks fabulous!

    Oh, btw, I just cruised by K-Net for the first time in forever. Your section has accrued more than 4000 comments! It’s pretty hilarious, stupid spam poster thingies. : )

  5. Hey, how do you make that icon show up by your name when you comment? I want one!

    Yeah, I was just telling Annie that I should copy all the archives from K-Net and then have Chris take it down. (Or maybe he can shut off the comment feature?…)

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