I Didn’t Even Pay For The Stamp.

I just got my Federal tax refund… for $10! I guess it was worth the 39cent stamp and the 10 minutes it took to fill out the form.

Something exciting (and yet rather anticlimactic) happened last Friday: I got my college diploma in the mail! It was really wierd to actually hold it in my hands. Unfortunately, it was like 11pm, so it was too late to organize any celebrating.

Saturday I went to see “The Producers” with uncle John. It was really funny! Then we went to a Japanese buffet called “Todai” and sampled just about everything. A very good day!

Today I went to the Company of Clothiers meeting and heard a talk about the ‘Bliaut’ (it’s a dress), and also got re-fitted for a cotehardie (also a dress). I’m hoping to make a couple new dresses to wear at Potrero War (Memorial Day weekend). I think this won’t be a problem – if I can make 6 Doublets in 6 days, I can make 2 dresses in 3 weeks!

I think I mentioned this in my last post, but Thursday I’m flying up to Eugene to get the rest of my stuff from Mom’s house. Dad’s going to help me drive back down Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping it’ll be rather painless.



  1. Rabbits!!! Bwahahaha! I’m so awesome for being in Asia!

    You know what else is awesome about being in Asia? I get to go see Spiderman 3 tomorrow night! (That’s three days before it comes out in the States! Woohoo!)

  2. Yahhr. Yay, Hopefully I’ll get to see the Kim person then. And you can laugh at my job helping your mom warp…^_^

  3. Kimi! Yay! We should hang out at some point during the 2 days you’re here.

  4. Yeah! You, Mirm and me should grab a pint at Rennies or something!

  5. Is my squirrel icon showing up yet?

  6. Yes

    -= Chris

  7. Cute squirrel!

  8. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!
    Something is seriously wrong with my computer! I try making a comment on Mirm’s page (still doesn’t work btw), and now I suddenly can’t see the header images on anybody’s wordpress pages! @#*%&!@!!

  9. The WP server is…tetchy. Usually if you refresh or wait a few minutes it’ll sort itself out. : )

  10. Karen · · Reply


  11. It’s been 3 days, and it still hasn’t “sorted out”…

  12. I’m sorry! Gomen…I’ll tell my website to be good (I don’t know how much good that will do, maybe if I make faces at it…)

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