Have Loom, Will Travel.

I’m off to war in under an hour, (and I totally can’t concentrate any longer!)

I’m going to an SCA event down close to the border called “Potrero War” (because it’s near a town called… Potrero) It’s a pretty massive event (over 2,000 people), and I’ve been hearing stories about it for years, so I’m pretty excited. I’m bringing my tapestry loom and I hope to impress some people (in one way or another…)

I’m volunteering a little at gate, but mostly I’m just hoping for a relaxing time.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend!



  1. TO War!
    When I first read it, I thought you’d said “Potato War”, and I think and event called Potato War would be awesome..

  2. Potato Potato Potato…
    I think you should make a tapestry of potatos at war with cute shields and toothpicks or something…hmmm…maybe too complicated…

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