Im in ur inet – Im lrning ur fax

Wow. I’ve learned two interesting things today.

1. If your vision is damaged by nuclear activities, the U.S. Government will cover your health costs.

 2. A group of scientists in Antarctica formed a rock band called “Nunatak”, and they’re performing in the Live Earth concert on July 7th… outside!

 I have no idea if my “spelling” of the title of this column is correct by internet conventions…



  1. Im in ur interwebs- lurning teh fax?
    I can has fax?
    noooooo, they be stealin my fax!

  2. …next they be stealn yer bcket!

  3. O noes, not mah bukkit!

  4. Why for I be mocked? I shall retaliate.
    Mock Mock Mock Mock!

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