Good Times Ahead…

Tomorrow’s my birthday! Yay!

When I got to work this morning my cubicle was covered in balloons and plastic gems! Apparently my boss and Amanda (new girl I work with) had a little fun after I left last night. It’s very cute and I took a picture which I’ll try to put up here:


 I guess we’ll find out if I’m any better at this picture thing than Annie…

Work is going pretty well now. Many of you have heard already, but I just got sort of a promotion! I say “sort of” because I’m mostly doing the same things that I was doing already. I’ve got a few new responsibilities though, and I’ve moved into a cubicle that’s near the people I work with. (I used to be in Accounts Receivable…)

So tomorrow I’m going to spend time with family and friends for my birthday. I’ve been promised cake, so I know it’ll be good times! (And I’m totally going to rock out on Guitar Hero!)

Oh, and Karen is visiting from Oregon and we have excellent plans for vegging out in front of John’s Giant TV tonight! Just a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home… ^_^b



  1. Happy Birthday!
    I bow to your superior picture posting skills.
    I need to go to Trader Joe’s. Perhaps tomorrow. I require inexpensive cheese!

  2. mrcmnstr · · Reply

    Happy Birthday, Kim!

  3. Hey CookieMan! It’s been a while!
    You should email me or something so we can catch up (since I can’t play WoW on my computer…)

  4. You would think I would have remembered to post earlier. Happy B-Day Kimi!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!

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