I Thought They’d Forgotten Me…

But it turns out they didn’t!

Remember that film I worked on a million years ago? I just got an email from the Producer letting me know that they’ve finally finished post-production and they’ve also put together a website (with a teaser). If you look through the photos in the gallery you can see proof that I was there (since they didn’t include me in the credits…) So go check it out! If you follow short indie film festivals, keep an eye out for “Spoonfed” – they’ve submitted the film to a bunch of them for 2007-2008.

Recapping last weekend: It was good times in good company! I’m finally recovered from the party at Chris’n’Megan’s, even. I also got many neat gifts that I am enjoying quite a lot!

Next weekend will be very busy for me. Saturday is Lyondemere Anniversary and Sunday is Queen’s Champion Archery tournament. It’s also Harry Potter weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in!! I’ve also got a lot of sewing to do this week in preparation for Saturday. I’ve got some lovely rose (not pink…) fabric that I desperately want to make into a new cotehardie. If only I could get my pattern perfected… I keep fussing with parts of it and spending a lot of time on mock-ups. Tonight, though, I cut the pink rose fabric! Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck cutting out your nonpink rose fabric!
    At least all your underwear isn’t pink, unlike some unfortunate souls I know.

  2. It was dusty rose, damnit! : P

    Your post reminded me of a very important question I’ve been meaning to ask you:

    Do you have a copy of Harry Potter pre-ordered, like? Really, I just want to know if there might be a copy kicking around your wee-tiny flat when I arrive. I thought I might need something to fill the hours while you have to be at work and thought, y’know, maybe I might want to read the new HP book…maybe. (Please? >_<)

    Ack, late for class!

  3. Oh, and yes, it’s true…my whites have recently become my pinks. : (

    Ack, really late for class!

  4. Deep down I think you like wearing pink undies.

    I might let you borrow my copy of HP7…

  5. Wanda and I are going to the Powell’s party! She pre-ordered the UK versions but wants to pickup her US version there. My pre-ordered version should be arriving Saturday, so I’ll just be going to the party to work the crowd. Should be fun *IF* it’s not raining…

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