Do You Realize…

… that there are people in New Zealand who could have finished reading Harry Potter #7 already?!?!?

I have to avoid the internet now or else risk spoilers. This is the riskiest spoiler time ever. Not only is it a Harry Potter book, but it’s the LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK EVER!!! 0_0

Every time I log out of Hotmail there’s a different article on the Harry Potter release and I live in fear of accidentally reading a spoiler! To me, the worst thing ever is having a good book/movie ending spoiled for me, and this would spoil the ending of an Era!! And the worst part is, I won’t have any time this weekend to read the book!!!!! >_<

I’m not going to get any sleep next week at all…



  1. Yay! No sleep! (You don’t really need it anyway…)

    15 days…

  2. 7 hrs 10 min. And it was a bloodbath. But ended ok.

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