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I haven’t had time to read Harry Potter yet – I start tonight. Someone warned me ahead of time that there was a teensy little review of the book posted in the comments of my previous rant, so I won’t be looking at any of those comments until I finish the book.

I’m serious about this. I don’t want to know *anything* about the book ahead of time. I don’t even want to know if you liked it. Please refrain from posting anything about the book on this page! Thank you!

 P.S. I will probably not finish it until next weekend.


Edit 7/24/07

Kelly got published in China! Go read her article!



  1. Stay away from my mom’s blog, then. Just sayin’ to warn ya.

  2. Also, watch out for YouTube. People have been leaving comments on random videos with spoilers.

    -= Chris

  3. Thanks for the publicity! : )

  4. What is this ‘stay away from my mom’s blog’ crap? All Kimi needs to do is finish the damn book! And then to visit my blog! (I don’t get very much traffic and it makes me cranky!)

  5. Dude! I was at SCA stuff all weekend and now I’ve got to work AND sleep! And I’m puppy-sitting (I can’t walk a dog and read at the same time!) Plus I read slowly… 😛
    It hasn’t even been a week and the book is like a bazillion pages long! :p :p :p

  6. Stop watching your traffic, mom! It’s bad for you! Worse than obsessively checking the email every thirty minutes, and lord knows I’m guilty of that.

  7. Also-

    Sleep is for the Weak!

  8. It’s not a bazillion pages long, it’s 759 pages long.

    -= Chris

  9. Kelly – you wrote an excellent article! You make a great point that there’s no such thing as a single ‘Chinese Cuisine’! It’s a wonder that we in the West have such assumptions, but I thnk we’d be hard pressed to define ‘American Cuisine’ (some would maintain that the term is an oxymoron, but I would suggest that they haven’t eaten in New Orleans… or San Francisco… or New York…. or Los Angeles…okay, that last one was a stretch).

    Time for dinner?

    Dad B

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