I’m Detecting a Theme…

You’re not going to believe this, but I just “Googled” myself for the first time. (Please, spare me the jokes…)

Anyway, what was really wierd was that some of the top stuff that came up could almost be me! What I mean is, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I might do some of these things. Check it out:



Of course, a lawer also comes up in the top 5, and that certainly isn’t in my future!



  1. Hmmm… naw… I think one lawyer per family is the legal limit in California!


    Note to Kelly – you wrote an excellent article! You make a great point that there’s no such thing as a single ‘Chinese Cuisine’! It’s a wonder that we in the West have such assumptions, but I thnk we’d be hard pressed to define ‘American Cuisine’ (some would maintain that the term is an oxymoron, but I would suggest that they haven’t eaten in New Orleans… or San Francisco… or New York…. or Los Angeles…okay, that last one was a stretch).

    Time for dinner?

    Dad B

  2. Kim: Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it? The guy at chrisbrunner.com is really similar to myself. He’s a 20-something computer guy with dark hair.

    Dad: You’ve got this thing going where you post on blogs, but only to other people. For instance, you posted on Matt’s blog to Annie and Kim’s blog to Kelly. You do realize that they both have blogs of their own, yes?

    -= Chris

  3. Maybe Dad should start his own blog… 😉

  4. You actually come up with live people when you google your name. I just come up with dead people in cemeteries mostly.

  5. @Squadman (to resurrect an old nickname for DadB): Thanks for the compliment and encouragement, like. What’s weird (or maybe it’s not weird) is that the Chinese have the same ideas about American cuisine, i.e. everyone eats the same thing all across the country.

    Also, I’ve had a couple of my students ask if all we eat is fast food, bread and milk. The fact that we get to draw on the culinary history of all of the cultures that make up American culture doesn’t seem to occur to people here. But it is definitely a fact that I’m looking forward to taking advantage of again. : )

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