Monday, Monday…

Over the weekend I read Harry Potter #7. Let’s keep this page HP comment-free for Kelly though, eh? She has to wait another week to get her hands on the book… 🙂

I was also puppy-sitting for Unka Mikey for the past several days. Karen helped me out over the weekend (thanks Karen!), but even with help, puppies are exhausting! Whew!

Not much else happened since my last post. Maybe I’ll do something cool on my lunch break and write about it!



  1. Yay! Thank you for protecting me! How unspeakably (& geekily) courteous of you! I guess I’ll just have to be nice to you for the first few hours I’m there! ; )

  2. At last! Now I feel I must call you and commiserate on the Harry. Before Kelly gets to you, that is.

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