I Do Love Crafty Stuff

Last night after work I drove up to Hollywood to help some artistic visionary problem solve his way through a rather large textile art piece. We didn’t make very much stuff, but I guess I helped them figure out how to weave filling in giant leaves made out of PVC. It was kinda fun to do “artsy” stuff again, plus they fed me! It was good times.

But tonight when I get home I REALLY need to do laundry and buy groceries! I’ve been trying to get to that all week… Oh! And I have to return those DVDs to Blockbuster.

I went to the library today on my lunch break and got a neat origami book and a really heavy history of costuming book. While I was looking through the “craft” books I decided that it would be really fun to make candles again! (I hope Mom’s not reading this… she knows I haven’t used up all the other candles I made yet! Oh no, now everybody knows!) But then my idea got better! Wouldn’t candle-making be a fun project at Highlands War? Maybe some of my camp-mates would like to partake too! Now I just need to get a big block of wax… (Michael’s maybe?) And I’ll need to get some fresh crayons to use for color. And I want to make tapers <sp?> like we did in 4th grade (you know, when you keep dipping the wick in the wax until it’s a candle?) I’m so excited, whee!!



  1. You’re such a dork! Wheeee!

    Also, I meant to say this yesterday, but I love that my best friend is qualified to be a Weaving Tutor. How many people can say that, seriously?

  2. Also, when you’re at Blockbuster, you really should rent The Holiday. Such a good chick flick, ZOMG Bearz!

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