Popcorn Dinner

Well, last night I didn’t do laundry, but I did finally wash all the dishes (there were more than I’d like to admit…) And then since I did such a good job I took myself to the movies! I saw the new ‘Bourne’ movie and I thought it was quite good. If you’re a fan of the series, you won’t be disappointed.

I totally can’t wait for Highland War next weekend! I really want to get outdoors and sit around a campfire. I’m excited about candle-making too! I have to get a bunch of supplies though (camping stuff in general too).

It’s Friday, whoo!




    So much for your challenge! Ha! I mock! A whole week, she go by and no post! Ha! And Ha again!

    Silly Kimmy!


  2. Mock mock mock! You fail the mostest, says I.

  3. Hey, I was only talking about the Work-week. I don’t have internet at home. 😛

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