I Think I Always Post on 9/11…

Do you all remember that for the first week after 9/11, we called it “the Tuesday thing”? We didn’t have a catchy name for it yet. It’s Tuesday again, and it seemed important somehow.

 Up until I decided to post, the fact that it was “Nine-Eleven” didn’t do more than flit across my brain once or twice today. You lose, terror!



  1. But you spelled “lose” with two o’s! No child left behind strikes again! Terror ++

  2. Ah, well. I’m comforted by the fact that I usually get “desert” and “dessert” right… and that I have Awesome Editing Powerz!!

  3. I can’t avoid it, but then again I live in New York now. Also I know two people here with birthdays on Sept. 11. Sucks to be them, poor dudes.

  4. I had totally forgot until dad reminded me that I had fortunately decided to travel home on the 12th. I don’t remember the “Tuesday thing”, I don’t think we ever gave it a name.

    Again the site admin editing powers emerge to confound the users.

  5. Annie:

    I was an RA the year it happened. I remember one of my residents telling me the day it happened that her entire family had birthdays on holidays – except her brother, whose birthday was 9/11.

  6. Matt Roger’s birthday is 9/11.

  7. Hm, I didn’t even notice when it was 9/11 this year. I was aware that it was Sept 11, I even looked at the date on the calendar, but I didn’t notice really. It will be interesting to see if, 50 years from now, 9/11 will still be such an important day, like D-day, or V-day or something. Or if it will have faded into obscurity.

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