Toaster Strudel

For an explanation of the title of this rant, I direct you to someone else’s mental toaster.

I was at SCA school this weekend (a.k.a. “Collegium Caidis”). People from throughout the kingdom volunteer to teach classes that relate to the SCA.

On Saturday I took “Autocrating Large Events – You Raised Your Hand, Didn’t You?”, “Venetian Costuming”, and “Draping for Pattern Drafting”. It was all very educational and afterwards a bunch of us took over a nearby TGI Friday’s. They seated us outside (alone) so we could freely tell SCA “No Sh*t, there I was” stories and randomly burst into song. Actually, that was the only place we’d all fit. The songs and storytelling was probably a surprise to the wait-staff, (along with the wierd clothing).

On Sunday I got up early (again) so I could make it to “Polish Coats” (late period men’s coats – VERY handsom!), and then I was wrangled into joining the “Building a Better Bard” class, where we had to pracitce “owning” a performance. There was only 5 of us in that class, so it was pretty low-key.

Throughout the whole weekend there was lots of hanging out and chatting with friends and going out to eat and terrifying the locals (a favorite Caiden pasttime). Good times!


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