A while back, I volunteered to do some mindless grunt work for the Barony. Recently, when it’s slow at work, I’ve been scanning old issues of the Crown Prints (our Kingdom newsletter).

{ A really boring description of the process used to be here. }

During my scanning I came across the July 1984 issue, and as many of you know, that’s the month I was born in. I paged through it and found out that I was born on the Lyondemere Anniversary of that year! And I was born in Lyondemere!

Alright, I realize that only about 2 of you reading this will care. But I thought it was neat! 23 years ago last July 14th, people were celebrating our barony with no idea that there was a girl being born nearby that would move to Oregon and 23 years later come back and join them!

In other SCA news, RIGHT NOW The Great Western War is happening, without me – but not for long! Tomorrow I hitch a ride with Pierre and Etiennette up to somewhere near Bakersfield where I will join my fellow Lyondemarines in what are sure to be many good times. Archery, textiles, campfires, music – I can’t wait! Though I have a lot of prep to do first…



  1. Let the record note that I posted this rant before I saw Chris’ mocking on the previous post (which, by the way, was worth more than a MONTH of Chrisweb posts!) : P

  2. Ooh, sick burn on Chris right there…

    I wish I was going to a War! Campfires and music.. feasting and song… sigh.

  3. How cool! Our very own Lyondemere Babe, all growned up! Does that mean when we celebrate Lyondemere’s 30th next year, you should be our celebrant too?!?

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