Cloves Not Included.

The war went well. Don’t ask me who won, because I don’t know. I’m not even sure if we keep track of that… (somebody must!)

The site was beautiful! There was a lake and the weather was perfect! I didn’t take any classes or buy anything at Merchant’s Row, but I did try a bunch of meads at Taste of Caid! And I did the nighttime archery shoot, which was way fun. First we shot at a candle, then we taped tiny glowsticks to our arrows and did a clout shoot (approx. 100yds). I also spent a lot of time with friends around the campfire and met some new people too. I even got a chance to get to know some of my fellow Lyondemarines a little better. And the Lyondemere Shadow Puppet Horror Theater was hilarious!

In other news, I had dinner at John’s house last night with Dad and Grandma & Grandpa Brunner to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. We had a delicious roast, potatoes, carrots, and rolls. And I had a Coke imported from Mexico! (It came in a glass bottle. Dad found it… don’t ask me!)

I’m still scanning old issues of the Crown Prints, and I’m about halfway done! Yay!

Also, I ordered some yarn last week and it should arrive on Friday. I’m finally getting around to my Big Factory Piece. Wish me luck!


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