The Cat Came Back

There’s an adorable kitty that lives down the street from me. She’s probably about a year old, black with yellow-green eyes and has a pink tag on her collar that says her name is “Luna”. She is probably the most friendly cat I’ve ever met and I stop to pet her whenever I walk by.

It had been a few weeks since I last saw her, and as I walked back from parking my car last night I couldn’t help but feel a little concerned. Originally I thought it was the rain that kept her indoors more often, but it hadn’t been raining much lately.

So as I approached Luna’s house late last night, I made “kissey” noises like I usually do to get her attention, not really expecting to see her. To my great surprise and delight, she came bounding out of the flower patch purring and meowing at me! Of course I stopped to pet her and she climbed all over me and purred her little heart out.

It was hard to pry myself away from such a cute little ball of fluffy love, but somehow I managed. She never follows me down the street, but just to be safe I always make a clean break and don’t look back. I like to think that it makes it easier for her, but I think it’s probably for me.

If I could adopt Luna and take her home with me, I’d do it in a heartbeat. It made me so happy to see her again last night that I was still thinking about her when I went to bed. I was thinking “I hope I see her again soon!” and sure enough, she came out to greet me this morning on my way to my car.


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  1. Awww…. kitty!

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