Mighty Wolf Loom OS 2.0

I bought another floor loom!

Last week I saw a really good loom for a Really Good Deal on craigslist. It was almost exactly the loom I’ve been hoping to upgrade to for a while now, so I emailed the guy and asked him about it. Sunday after the Curia (SCA Q&A thing) Brenda and I drove up to check out the loom. Turns out it is what he said it was, which is a 8-harness Schacht Mighty Wolf loom.

Yes, I already have a floor loom. But this one’s better. I could give you a lot of jargon about it, but instead I’ll use this paragraph to link my alternate blog which I have decided to use for textile blogging.

So with the help of Patrick and Brenda and Brenda’s truck, we successfully moved my “new” loom many miles and up the stairs into my apartment. Then we went out for pizza and had some heated discussions about what some people said at the Curia that made us mad. I get knots in my stomach about some of these peoples issues now, so I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Let’s just say that I disagreed with them. It’s funny, before the Curia I was happy as a clam with our Barony and most of the people in it. Then we had a Curia that was designed to help improve things and now I’m upset about things that didn’t matter to me before.

But now I’m more worried about all of SoCal going up in flames. There has been a lot of damage and the fires are still raging. Please pray for rain. And let’s hope that they open the roads soon so Mom can finally move into her house!


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  1. Of course, now I’m subscribed to the textiles blog (More String, Better!) and I’m curious to chat with you tonight. *wink*

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