New Loom Pros & Cons (But Mostly Pros)

I just got an 8-harness Schacht Mighty Wolf floor loom for $500! It was bought in 1987, but hardly ever used. It has the stroller attachment too, so I can roll it around my apartment all by myself! It also came with a shuttle and some bobbins, heddles (the good kind), a raddle, a 36″ reed, lease sticks, and a warping board. He didn’t have the bench, but all of these things plus the loom would cost over $2700 brand new today. I would feel a little bad about talking him down from $600, but he was really happy that someone who was going to use it was buying it (and weavers ain’t exactly rich, you know?)

So why did I get ANOTHER floor loom?

First, this loom is superior to my old loom in many ways. It has 8 shafts (my old one had only 4, which means this new one can do many more weave structures), it’s not nearly as heavy, and it folds up to a depth of only 18″. (This is very important if I want my friends to help me move ever again.) True, it has a slightly narrower weaving width, but I rarely use the full width of my old 45″ Leclerc anyway.

Second, I’m going to sell my old loom as soon as I’m done with it, and this was a great deal that I just had to grab.


One comment

  1. Secret Blogs! I’m intrigued…if only I had enough jargon to fill a blog with…

    (Though, for the record, I understood almost everything you said!)

    (^ That’s for the new loom, not for my successful comprehension of your vocabulary.)

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