Spinning Sheep

Here I am, in possibly my cutest Halloween costume yet!Kim the Sheep

It was really hot and kind of itchy, but everyone really liked it! And that’s not my sheep – it just happened to be in the room.

I made the costume entirely out of things I already had in my apartment (except for the face paint and the Velcroe). The fake sheep fleece was left over from when I made my Thermorest slip cover. It was already sewn up one side like a bag so I just kept hacking and stitching until it fit me. I had to add a triangular piece down the front because it was still too narrow to fit over my hips. The wrist and ankle pieces are just scraps though the head piece took a little work. I must be one of the few remaining SCA costumers that hadn’t made one of those white bonnets that tie under your chin. But that’s what I Spinningdid, more or less, to get the fit I wanted for the sheep hat. It took a bunch of tries to get a good fit, and in the end it was still a bit wonky, but what do you expect from a hat made of polyester sheep skin?

Also, I couldn’t resist pulling out my drop spindle and practicing my spinning.

Everyone thought it was hilarious! Lots of fun was had by all! But next year I need to plan a cute costume that is more appropriate for the local weather.



  1. Costume Victory! (It’s so damn cute! I don’t know why you ever doubted it!)

    I was a couch potato for Halloween – caught up on CSI and Prisonbreak (which I don’t know why I’m still watching, stupid writers…) And not a single trick-or-treater, damnit! Oh well, more skittles for me…

  2. Wonderful costume! I went as a recovering yarn addict in knitters anonymous.
    I’ve been clean for a month! I swear…

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