It Ain’t Easy Being Green…

Aaaagh! My car smells really bad!

But at least now I know why. The car has had this wierd/bad smell for a while now, but last Friday I noticed that anti-freeze was leaking onto the floor of the passenger side of the car. I’m talking ON THE INSIDE. So now the carpet over there is SOAKED with anti-freeze. Yuck!

Yesterday I took my car into the shop and they told me the heater core was leaking and they had to order one from the dealer. So I have another appointment tomorrow for it to get fixed, but in the meantime it smells REALLY bad. And the windshield won’t de-fog. And if I drive on the freeway for more than a few miles white fog starts spewing into the cabin from the vents. And one of the belts is worn, so the car squeals in the morning.

But other than that, it’s fine. Except I have to find a way to clean out all the anti-freeze that’s soaked into the carpet.



  1. That’s no good. At least it’s just the heater core and not the head gasket. When my car started spewing white smoke and smelling of anti-freeze, that’s what it was, and it ended up costing $1500. From what little I know, these mean your engine is burning stuff it shouldn’t:

    White smoke = water/anti-freeze
    Blue smoke = oil
    Black smoke = too much gas (bad air/fuel mix)
    Pink smoke = genie (*BOINGOINGOING!!!*)
    Green smoke = wicked witch

    Well, maybe not the last two…

    -= Chris

  2. That would explain the cackling…
    Does this mean that when it rains my car is going to melt into a pile of cliche’?

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