“‘Cuz it’s loud with a Shop-vac on…”

My car is fixed!

Except for the squealing noise. They tell me it has to do with the water pump, but it doesn’t need to be fixed now.

But now I can regulate the temperature in my car and it has a much more pleasant smell (smells like that stuff you use to clean the dashboard). I had cleaned up the dash a little bit before I left my car at the shop, (‘cuz I didn’t want them to see how dirty I let it get), but they cleaned it out even better. They had to go in through the dashboard to do the work, so maybe it got dirty during repairs and the wanted to clean it up. Or they were being extra nice – either way it’s much cleaner now! I think they vacuumed up the floor a little on the passenger side too. (Probably ‘cuz they didn’t want to get it all over themselves while they were working. It’s very sticky and smelly!)

They had to keep my car overnight, though, so I called Cat and she picked me up after work and took me to fighter practice with her. I don’t fight, and neither does she, but we went to hang out anyway. We stopped by a neat little Persian restaurant on the way for a light dinner and then we went out to IHOP with some of the fighters after practice and I had me some of that delicious IHOP hot chocolate. Mmmmm! If they ever stop putting crack in their cocoa I will be very upset.

And not only did Cat give me a ride home last night, but she also dropped me off at the auto clinic this morning! Thanks Cat!!

And as a reward for reading all the way down to the end of this post, here is a link to a cute/funny/kinda twisted video I found on Youtube.


One comment

  1. You’re welcome, honey!

    And a note for Wednesday: I’m not sure how much “More String, Better!” we will get to do, because it’s a “last-opportunity to plan for Yule” Planning Meeting first. But we’ll figure something out… maybe Planning Meeting first, More String Better and Pancakes afterwards?

    *smooches and hugs*

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