Science Was Never My Strong Suit.

Yesterday I looked up Tyvek on the internet. It’s pretty interesting stuff! It’s made from science and air can go through it, but water cannot. You’ve probably seen it wrapped around new buildings that are still under construction. It’s also used for express mail envelopes and HazMat suits.

Tyvek looks and feels kind of like weird paper. I say “weird” because it kinda feels plasticky, but not really. You can’t tare it, but scissors cut through it like air. It wrinkles really bad too.

Why was I looking up a such an unnatural fiber? (A rare occurrence for a medieval textile enthusiast, I assure you!) Because I have been hired to make a dozen custom-sized garment bags that will be used for the long-term storage of some costumes from a popular TV show of the 1960’s. You use Tyvek for this because air can circulate around the costumes, but dust can’t get in. (Dust is the enemy!)

Also, if I do a really good job on the bags, not only will I get paid a little better, but this will increase the chance of me getting more work from this person (so it’s kind of like a take-home test). I’m kinda stressing about it a little, but I’ve done one so far, and it went OK. I’m pretty sure I have enough time to get them all done by the 19th, too. But that’s how I’m going to spend my Friday night – working! (And doing my laundry, and the dishes…)


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