Tyvek, Continued.

I finally took some artsy string photos for this blog. See the new header? I have a couple others that I’ve cropped to fit there, and I’m not sure if this is the one I’m going to stick with. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the garment bags in the last two days. I was really worried about it at the end of last week because I hadn’t really started on them yet. I was still working out the kinks on the first two bags, but by the third I had a system. I can make one in about 45 minutes now (down from 1 hour). I’ve got 8 out of 13 done so far. I’ve been making four each night, and I’ve only got 5 yet to go, so I might push to get them all done tonight, or I’ll do 3 tonight and 2 on Friday. The first night working on these bags I listened to Irish music. Last night it was techno, and I had a Disco night the other day while doing some chores. I wonder what I’ll pick for tonight’s theme?

Here you can see a garment bag I’m in the middle of sewing. This is when the bag gets horribly wrinkled. I’m not really sure what I can do about this. I might try laying all Sewing Garment Bagthe bags flat and pressing them under a large board with books piled on top. It might not help, but it will make me feel like I’m doing something about it.

I brought my camping table in from the car so I’d have a bigger table to lay the bags out on. At first I was laying them out on the floor, but it’s really hard on the knees and the back. I was going for my gardening knee-pads (thanks Dad!) when I realized I had another table I could use (duh!)

Here are the garment bags laid out all pretty on the table (below). Notice the bedsheet I’m using to keep the bags nice and clean (it’s floral, and from Grandma B!) In case you’re wondering where on earth I managed to set up another piece of furniture in my Finished Bagsapartment, it’s up against the bed next to the door (where I set up my drying rack on laundry day!) To the left of the table is the new floor loom (pushed up against the Gold Chair), and just to the right (out of frame) is the table I eat on (when it’s available). I seem to be having a problem with furniture redundancy in my apartment! Fortunately, the table is pretty  easy to fold up and put away. Of course, I don’t have anywhere to put it away, so it’s currently leaning against the kitchen doorway.


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