I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I spent most of the holiday up at Mom’s house in Crestline with Chris, Matthew and Megan. We watched some Food Network, Discovery channel and also some House episodes (on DVD). We burned a lot of wood in the fireplace, I did about 5 loads of laundry, and a record number of cookies and munchies were consumed by all! Christmas day we woke up early and opened presents by the fire. (I got some really Neat Stuff!) Then we all took naps and when we woke up Grandma & Grandpa “G” had arrived! We had a delicious Christmas lunch of rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and green beans followed by an Epic Settlers of Catan Battle (Knights & Cities). The game was so epic, in fact, that it lasted nearly 4 hours! It was totally worth it though ‘cuz I won! 😀 But then it was really late and I didn’t feel like driving back to Long Beach, so I changed my plans a little and stayed one more night.

Boxing Day morning we (Chris, Megan, Matthew and I) all drove down to Grandma & Grandpa “B”‘s house to have Second Christmas. We were joined by Uncle Paul, Aunt Mary, Uncle John and “Unka” Mikey. After a tasty lunch (of so many different items I won’t mention them all here), we all crowded into the front room and opened presents. This brings me to the real reason to post. But first, let me express my gratitude for all the wonderful gifts I received this year. Many of them will be used extensively, and for the gifts that were a bit on the strange side, I feel blessed to have such quirky people in my life. But…

I finally got an iPod. And it’s beautiful.

I’ve been wistfully sighing over the 8GB iPod nano for quite some time now, but never been able to justify the cost of one. I mean, my old 4GB Creative brand player (from 2005) still worked… But the wait is over. I have finally joined the modern age of technology. And here it is:





  1. It’s SO beautiful!!! : )~

  2. Dude, can I have your old one? Seriously.

  3. Mmm sitting by a fire… I should fire mine up next time it snows!

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