Annie Feels My Pain

Hi everyone. Just letting you know that the lack of posting is due to the fact that I HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS, not just lazyness (so mocking is a waste of time!) I have been using my internet access at Geneon for the past 10 months, and now that I don’t work there, my internet options consist of:

1. Standing on my porch, trying to flag down an unblocked wireless connection.

2. Hauling my laptop to the cafe on Broadway to use their free internet (but feeling obliged to buy a hot chocolate)

3. Using the Long Beach Public Library computers (limit 30 min/day)

No, I won’t be getting a cheap dialup service because I’d first have to get a landline, and now that I don’t have a “regular” job I’ll be watching my expenses even more closely.

So the quick summup is this. I’ve been working most days since New Year’s. I’m still working for Cara and lately been working on REAL conservation stuff! It’s totally awesome! Also, I’ve been working weekends at the Costume Shop that I worked at last winter. I’ll be doing this for a couple weeks longer, at least.

I’ve also been trying to exercise regularly and eat healthier. (I gave up fast food and soda for Lent…) I tried rollar-blading the other day and it was terrifying. I might try it again and see if it gets any easier, but I might decide that I like living more.

Also I’ve visited Chris & Megan a few times when I’ve needed a break. SCA stuff has been pretty slow lately, though a lot of people are driving back from Estrella War today (not me. 😦 )

So, that’s the highlights. And if you need to reach me, you should call me on my cell ‘cuz I’m not checking my email very often.



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  1. I love that I routinely receive mention in my friend’s blogs..

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