Boycott Olympics 2008?

I just read this article. At first I thought “No! The Olympics are a good thing! Promote international understanding!” but then as I read on, some of the things they said kinda made some sense. People in Burma, Darfur and Tibet have some serious issues with China. Could this be a good time to bring them to light?

I bet we’ll be seeing this on the news more and more, (as soon as the media gets bored with the Democratic presidential candidacy race.)



  1. GAH!!!!!!! $#&*@#&*@&#!!! I’ve typed up a clever response this twice now, and twice now my browser has chosen to inexplicably take me away from this page, thus losing my poetical (or at least geopolitical) ramblings.

    Thus, the short version:

    Good article. I agree. The Olympics are an ideal opportunity to hold a country, which is daily gaining a *more* humongous percentage of the global economy, accountable for mistreating not only its own citizens, but the citizens of nearby (and not so nearby) countries.


    I’m gonna go drink wine and pay taxes. : P

  2. Also, just in case any of you had doubts about whether China treats it’s people right, check this out (not evil, per se, but messed up fo’ sho’).

    From the SF Chronicle

  3. I’m torn with this one. On one hand, you don’t want to support the violence in Tibet or anywhere else China is struggling with at the moment. You also don’t want to encourage athletes to go and exert themselves in the horrible pollution that is Bejing. Preliminary exhibition games in the new stadiums left athletes wheezing from the air quality. Sure, they’re trying to clean the air up, but how much can you really do in that short of time?

    On the other hand, you want to support the athletes and see the spectacle that is Olympic level competition. For most people (at least in the US), it’s the only time we get to see these sports on TV…like…oh…archery. 🙂

    It’s about the athletes as much as it is about the politics. Good article, interesting insight. I think if there was a widespread boycott I’d probably join in (multiple countries, large scale). If not, I at least want to watch archery, even if I do have to Tivo it because it’s on at 3am on MSNBC.

  4. Bwennie · · Reply

    Oh geeez. Jessi said “archery”. I may have to watch the Olympics ::sigh::

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