Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t been mocked yet! You guys are slipping… 😉

I uploaded a few pictures to my Flickr account (see right). Check out the picture of me looking all Conservator-like! That’s me using my Dremmel tool to smooth out some edges on the mount I’ve been building. (For more details, see my Textile Blog.)

It feels like I’ve been working a lot lately, (though you wouldn’t know it by my bank account! ;D ) Seriously though, I have been doing a lot of textile conservation stuff the past couple weeks. Recently I went to Santa Barbara with my boss to do some more work on this massive conservation project that we helped them (SB Museum of Art) start a couple months ago. We put in two nearly full days of work and hardly made a dent in the work to be done. Although, since we were there two days they put us up in a really cute hotel! I had an adorable little room all to myself, and the hotel provided a very nice breakfast buffet. And, if that wasn’t enough, in the evenings around 4-7pm they have wine & cheese and after that milk & cookies! I would be sad that I missed the cookies except I was out having margaritas with Michelle (another young Conservator-to-be who works at SBMA). 😀

Since I was in Santa Barbara on a Thurs-Fri, I decided to hang around for the local SCA event happening up there that weekend (“King’s Hunt”). It was a small event with heavy weapons & rapier fighting, though I did neither of these things. Mostly I hung out with cool people and sat around the campfire. Though, I did get to spend a little time with a very nice fellow weaver who showed me her warp-weighted loom and also showed me how to do lettering in cardweaving. This will be my third time trying to master this particular type of cardweaving, but I think I’ve got it now! :: crossed fingers ::

So at the end of King’s Hunt, many of us joked about doing the “same thing again next weekend?” It wasn’t much of a joke, though, because it was true for most of us! See, the following weekend was Crown Tourney, which was, in fact, held at the same campground. I heard that a few people just camped there all week rather than take down their pavilions.

Crown Tourney was nice, though the temperature spiked into the 90’s on Saturday. I spent a lot of my time keeping an eye on the Baroness and making sure she didn’t run off without someone to hold her parasol. She has a way of suddenly disappearing, and we didn’t have our full regimen of Ladies present, so I had to be extra watchful!

It was nice camping with all my SCA peeps again. It feels like forever since the last camping event! We had good times sitting around the campfire and sleeping in the Baronial pavilion.  Then at the end of Crown Tourney, our farewells included “see you tomorrow!” because our monthly Baronial council meeting happened to be the next day. Whew! The tourney season didn’t sneak up on me so much as pounced. Here we go again!


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