Hollywood Star!

Does anyone out there remember that I was in a commercial last year? It was for Universal Studios, and today I found it on their website. Check it out!

In the video I’m standing in both lines, but you can only see me in the first shot. I turn my head in the last second before it cuts away. I’m a Star – whoohoo!



  1. I totally just rushed over here to post something snarky about how you should share your fame with the world! (Or at least, the segment of the world that reads your blog.) But alas(!), you beat me to it!

    (Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

    I guess, since you’ve posted twice in the last week or so, I really ought to, as well. Elsewise, I expect that same segment of the world will start impugning my good name…

  2. It took 3 tries, but I finally found you in the shot! SuperStar! 🙂

  3. I found you! You look so cheerful to be standing in line!

  4. Famous actress – Do I get to be your manager now?? I could drive the limo or something.

    So…. how’s your screenplay coming along? I know you’d really rather direct….


    Cool stuff


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