It’s coming…

Yes, it’s almost time for Post-Every-Day-of-the-Week Week!

Since Annie now has her computer back, let’s celebrate by posting a rant every day of next week, starting Sunday May 4th! That’s right, Sunday thru Saturday! (Although I’ll consider it a bonus if you post on Sun & Sat…)

So, get ready! And this time, let’s also try to post comments on each other’s blogs. Last time there was a lot of rant-posting, but almost no commenting. đŸ™‚



  1. Oh, it’s AWN!!!!

    -= Chris

  2. oh, man, and that’s gonna be hella costumes week since my show opens that friday.. Why you gotta do this to me? You know I can’t resist a challenge! And as I seen to recall that I was the only one to actually post all week last time, I feel I must uphold my championship at any cost! Woe to all mine enemies, I say!

  3. Dude, we have major psychic linkage goin’ on – I totally almost posted this very challenge last night! Zounds!

    Also, I echo Annie’s “why you gotta do this to me!?” Tsa & Teg arrive on Mon…OH! I see how it is. You’re totally stackin’ the deck to make sure *you* come out topside!! It is Turkey Ice Cream ON!!

    (Speaking of which, are we getting Matthew into this?)

  4. Bwennie · · Reply

    I see your rant and raise you a couple!

  5. Now is the time. This is place. We lurk here in eager silence for the official VelvetineKimi kick-off — only then will the battle will be truly joined!

    p.s. I’m so glad you liked Iron Man, too!! : )

  6. […] I’m the first to post on day two of PEDotWW? All ya’ll are […]

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