Don’t Knock it Till You Try it.

Did anybody else remember that today was Cinco de Mayo? Well, Karen and I did!

Seriously, if you haven’t substituted oranges for limes, you gotta try it. (I leave out the salt, and I’ve heard that you can use cinnamon instead, though I haven’t tried it.)

In other news, last night I finished weaving on my factory project. I really didn’t think I’d finish it over the weekend. And, I finished the weaving at 45 hours – right on schedule! Now I’ve just got to mount it and hang it on the wall!



  1. Bwennie · · Reply

    Yeah. I stopped going out for Cinco de Mayo years ago. It’s too hokey and/or crowded.

  2. Dude, 45 hours! That’s sick! That’s twisted! That’s…just…warped!

    (Ha! It still kills me! I figure I deserved to get bonus online mileage for that one…plus I don’t have to pay my writers royalties or something…)

    Cinco de Mayo! Woohoo!

  3. Cheshire · · Reply

    Yay! Orange and Tequila shots! The party lives on!

  4. I’m curious about the cinnamon & orange thing. Sounds interesting. Not sure if it’d be good or not, but I might be willing to try it.

    -= Chris

  5. I feel that the smell alone sold me on the idea.

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