Factory Project

I’ve had this fascination with factories for quite a while now. To me, they’re beautiful landscapes.

Last year I finally decided to realize one of my ideas. I took my digital camera and headed out to the oil refinery near grandma & grandpa “B”‘s house. I took about 3 dozen pictures before security came and told me to knock it off. (See my flickr page for some of these pictures.)

I thought it would be a really neat project to try and weave one of these pictures, so I picked one and ordered some yarn…

This is the picture I used:


And now, many months later, I have finally finished weaving my textile rendition:

factory weaving

I tweaked the coloring in Photoshop a bit before I chose colors…

Anyway, that’s a tape measure at the bottom, for a size reference. The “picture” area of the piece is about 45″x29″ – pretty close to plan! Now I’ve got to build a strainer (like a frame) to mount it on, stretch some burgundy fabric and stitch it down!

I plan to hang it on the wall for a while and then figure out how/when to sell it. Another benefit to this being done is that now I can start talking to a friend of mine about purchasing this loom I’ve freed up… 🙂



  1. Yay! Empty Loom = Potential Money!

  2. Wow! That is way cool! You should make more of them, and inspire the world with awesome textile art.

  3. Gee, wonder which friend that could be? *scatters to check her bank balance again*

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