Why did I do This?!

Eegads! Why did I decide to initiate this PEDotWW? I must have been crazy…

Well, I suppose this would be a good time to mention my new 3rd job. That’s right, I am now an employee of Borders! I had my orientation tonight with 2 other new-hires and it was pretty laid-back. The other new-hires seem to be approximately my age, and are guys named “Matt” and “Xavier”. All the managers and supervisors I’ve met so far seem really nice and everybody has a good sense of humor, so I’m optimistic.

Tonight was a five-hour shift of paperwork and learning about the company’s values and policies, but we all got through it somehow. Tomorrow we’re starting our training in the cafe (Seattle’s Best coffee, in case you didn’t know). All of us are getting trained on the cafe, but Xavier and I are going to be working books predominantly. They just want us to be able to fill in for a cafe shift if need be.

So, yeah, that’s my reason for posting 15 minutes before the end of the day! (I was at work till 10:00!)

Oh, and I totally get awesome discounts at Borders! Whoo!



  1. Ya, I was getting worried you weren’t gonna make it, there. But you seem to have succeeded beyond my doubts!
    Yay for new employment!
    Also I have met several Xaviers this past year and they were all super nice. What a strange name, though.

  2. Totally awesome discounts at Borders you say? Your ideas intrigue me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    -= Chris

  3. I’m seriously tempted for an extra job at a bookstore every now and then, just for the discounts! πŸ™‚

  4. Megan · · Reply

    Gratz on the new job! I know if I ever worked in a bookstore, I would have no paycheck because I would spend it all before leaving the store.

  5. bwendolyn · · Reply

    I’d spend all my earnings on books.

    I worked in a college bookstore for 4 years. No discounts but sometimes we got to take home “expired” muffins, potato chips (yeah, just want I needed!). πŸ™‚

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